Penguin ranking analysis - downgraded due to on page over optimization

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Today I’ve got a keyword ranking analysis from a good friend for our site We have lost 50% of our traffic since the Google update. I am happy about any help I can get in this issue.  We have very strong signals that we have been downgraded for on page over optimization.

Google is not delivering the “right pages” for several keywords. 

One example:

Search phrase: “Wochenhoroskop Löwe” (translated: weekly horoscope lion)

Google should deliver this page first:

But Google delivers this page (2nd page in

This is absolutely wrong because the second link points to the annual horoscope, not the weekly.

The things are more confusing if you are doing this: wochenhoroskop löwe

The right page is on only on fourth position. Winner is again

What is the difference between those pages?

The winner page has the exact keyword phrase at only one place. It’s the right column at the end of the site. (Have a look at the screenshot)

This is the piece of html code of the winner page:

<img src=”/var/jupiter/storage/images/medien/teaser/teaser-rechts/teaser-rechts-wochenhoroskop-sternzeichen-w/t-r-wochenhoroskop-loewe-w/1393917-1-ger-DE/T-r-Wochenhoroskop-Loewe-w_teaserright.jpg” width=”230” height=”100”  style=”border: 0px  ;” alt=”Wochenhoroskop Löwe" title="Wochenhoroskop Löwe" /></div><h4><a href="/Horoskope/Loewe/Wochenhoroskop">Wochenhoroskop Löwe</a></h4><p>Ob die Sterne diese Woche für Liebe &amp; Beruf günstig stehen, erfährst Du im <strong>Wochenhoroskop Löwe</strong>.</p></div>

So, what has happened here?

I’ve created a chart where I compare this pages. Have a look here:

I went to seomoz and analyses the two pages here:

The “right page” got a grade A, the wrong page got a grade C (See screenshot)

Wrong page (which is served by google):

So, my conclusion: We lost our rankings because we are using the right keywords too frequently. The next step is to remove them. This will take some time…

I think it’s a good example because in this case there are very low external factors. We have never promoted the keywords “Wochenhoroskop” nor “Löwe” in any way.

We have more similar pages with the same results.

It would be great if any other penguin victim could post his results.


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